Web Development

Web Development is the final phase of a Website project. Development is the process of bringing the Web Design to life. Web Development is where Code and Design come together. The code and technology involved in each web project varies based on the needs of the project. Some web projects are static in nature, meaning the site simply provides information and does not require dynamic user interaction. Other websites are dynamic by nature and will require different levels of interaction based on the scope of the project.
  • A Web Designer Envisions and Plans Website Projects: Project Planning, Branding, Creative Design, Interface Layout, User’s Experience, Wireframes, etc.
  • A Web Developers Bring the Plan to Fruition: Code, Markup, Style, Framework, Security, Performance & Speed, Compatibility, Interaction, Responsiveness, Forms, eCommerce etc.
    I specializes in building Dynamic Websites that allow website users to interact with the site content in countless ways. A Dynamic website needs things like a database, eCommerce Solution, Social Media Integration, Contact Forms and many other element that allow users to interact with the website. For clients who need a dynamic content driven website, WordPress is an amazing solution.