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15 Things Veterans Want You to Know

For Healthcare Providers

The 15 Things Veterans Want You to Know for Healthcare Providers is the cornerstone course for PsychArmor and was created to educate anyone who works with, lives with, or cares for our military Veterans.

The 15 Things project was the first PsychArmor course that was designed and developed with a color scheme that fit the project objectives and stayed true to the PsychArmor brand. I procured and/or designed all the assets, as well as edited all of the audio, video and images. I also used Go Animate to create custom characters for the video. The color scheme for this project is based on PsychArmor’s logo color scheme.

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Academic Accommodations

For Educators

This course provides an explanation and definition of the term academic accommodations and describes qualifying psychiatric conditions that might impact a student’s learning experience.

This project was created just before I took over the Web Design and Development department for PsychArmor Institute. I did almost everything for the project with the exception of the Author Information. The author image and information in the intro for the video was created by a co-worker and added to the video once I left the content development department. The things I did do for this project include choosing a color scheme, editing all the audio, video and images, as well as designing custom characters within the GoAnimate platform.

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