Logo Design

A logo is the most important part of a product, business or organizations identity. The logo is literally the face of the product, business or organization; therefore, the logo should be appropriate, memorable and translatable. The logo should be designed with the product, business or organization in mind and the concept should stay true to the brand identity and message. Additionally, it is imperative that the design is simple and memorable. Simple and memorable logos help users easily identify and associate the logo graphic with the product, service or organization.

Logo design and browser icon design go hand in hand. These days, most business have a presence on the web, which means creating a logo that considers it’s use as a browser icon is a very import part of the design process. A browser icon is part of the company or website identity. Therefore, the design for the logo should take it’s use as a browser icon into consideration. Designing logos that translate into good browser icons means the design for the logo or part of the logo should be simple enough to translate into a recognizable representation or association of the brands identity.

Graphic Logos