Graphic Design with Photoshop

Graphic Design and Photoshop go hand in hand when it comes to creating or manipulating graphic and image files. Photoshop is an amazing design tool that can be used to repair, enhance and or create imagery for both static and motion graphics. There are many types of graphic projects that require image manipulation for both print and digital mediums.

Print Projects

Banner Graphics

Other Graphics

Photo Restoration

Photoshop is a very powerful image restoration tool that can be used to fix damaged or degraded images. Almost any image is repairable if the person doing the restoration knows how to use Photoshop and has the patience to see the project through.

Example One

The first restoration example was difficult because it involved hair, as well as, a striped and wrinkled shirt. The image was ripped in between the three girls. The rip went from the top to the bottom and incorporated two of girl’s hair, the little girls shirt and shorts.

Example Two

The second image restoration example was very difficult because there was a great deal of damaged to the image. The crack in the center of the image was the most difficult area to repair. Although, repairing the image took a tremendous amount of time and patience, my efforts paid off.