Media Design

What is Media Design?

Media is a broad term used to describe multiple different mediums. Medium is singular form of media. Some examples of various types of mediums are print (brochures, magazines, news papers, posters), photographs, animations, audio, television, film and websites. Media is used to communicate a message to a vast array of viewers, whether it be on the web, in a print, or on television.

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Well Designed Media Engages the Target Audience

Well designed media will engage the target audience while conveying the message in an effective and intriguing manner. One technique is to use multimedia design (a combination of media types) to engage and inform users. The multimedia approach to engaging content is a very effective way to communicate a message to the target audience, while providing them with a unique experience that will leave them with a lasting impression.

Visually Stimulating Media Design

Creating visually stimulating media is key to catching the interest of website visitors. “Content is King” when it comes to getting users to and keeping users on a website. However, if the written word is of utmost importance then the medium that supports the text should be given just as much consideration. It is most likely that well designed media is the one thing that will peak the interest of the user long enough to read the websites article(s) or to move a website visitor to action.