Web Design

Web Design Process

Web design is a multifaceted process that encompasses a thorough analysis of client and users needs, as well as, taxonomy (site structure), user interface, navigation, color scheme, media, typography, readability, legibility and written content. However, web design that takes client and users needs into account and focuses on meeting those needs with engaging content is the most important aspect of a successful web project. Industry professionals often say, "Content is king" but they should say that relevant content that meets the needs of the clients and users is king. A good understanding of both the client and user needs should guide the process of designing a site which features content that is relevant, useful, well designed and engaging.

Web Design Project Examples

The media assets for both of the following web design and development projects were created and or edited with Adobe Illustrator and or Adobe Photoshop. The concepts are my own, as well as, the content with the exception of the candle imagery on the Burning Wick Candles and Accessories website and the app graphics and screen shots on the Yapper Application Marketing Solutions website. Additionally, the following two websites project examples are e-commerce sites that were developed with the WordPress content management system. One of the websites is a service driven website and the other is a product driven website. The Burning Wick Candles and Accessories website is a product driven e-commerce site dedicated to selling candles and candle accessories. The Yapper Application Marketing Solutions website focuses on providing review services, site submission services and press release services to app developers for Android, Facebook, IOS and Windows platforms.