Flash Animation

Adobe Flash is one of my favorite software apps because it is extremely powerful when it comes to animating graphics and images. Most of the time Flash is better suited to import graphics or imagery from Illustrator or Photoshop. Although there are some situations where the Flash platform is better suited to draw a graphic because of it’s unique drawing tools. These specialized tools for drawing graphics in Flash aren’t available to graphic artists in Illustrator or Photoshop.

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It’s Time to Start Marketing Your App!

The “It’s Time to Start Marketing Your App” Flash animation was designed for the Yapper App Marketing Solutions website. The marketing campaign was devised to create site interest and to move site visitors to action for the Yapper app review, submission and press release services. The graphics were created with Adobe Illustrator and then imported into the Adobe Flash platform.

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Mask Focus Effect

The Mask Focus effect was created with Adobe Flash. The animation was developed for the Blo Mi Hair Support Blog. To see the animation in action, hover your mouse over the image. As you move your mouse over the image the circle mask effect will follow the path of the mouse and replace the cursor. The Mask Focus Effect was animated in the timeline.

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The Toucan project was a simple exercise in frame by frame animation, it was drawn and animated with Adobe Flash. An image of a toucan was the inspiration for the project. The frame by frame animation technique was used to animate the toucan in the timeline.