ActionScript 3.0 (AS3)

ActionScript 3.0(AS3) is a powerful object-oriented programming language that can be written within the Adobe Flash platform. Projects that might involve AS3 development could be slide shows, image galleries and animations. These projects could be stand alone or be used as assets for other projects. The following two projects are examples of development with ActionScript.

A Notary 4 U Screenshot

A Notary 4-U

The Notary 4-U website project was the first project in which I wrote the entire project with ActionScript. The objective for the project was to create a website by writing the code for it with ActionScript. The project was a great introduction to object-oriented programming. I learned about setting up a menu, adding and removing objects from the stage and how to link to and call text from external files.

Kidspace eLearning ActionScript Project

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly project was an eLearning project that was created with Adobe Flash. I created the Life Cycle of a Butterfly project in a course I took at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. The project was designed to teach children about the Metamorphosis of a buttery. The media assets for the project were stored in the Flash Media Library. Assets were called from the library and then placed on the stage with AS3. The text is stored in an external text file and then placed on the stage when called by the code.